Epic Homebrew Reveal:
Epic Dark Milds

Epic Homebrew Reveal Dark Milds Episode

Epic Dark Mild
Captain Kurt @epicbeertrips_

Epic Kiwi Mild
Caleb Whitenack (Psych Doc Brewing) @psychdocbrewery

Join us as we embark on a brewing adventure, where both homebrewers and pros team up based on a beer style. In the reveal, we gather ’round for some good ol’ beer banter, spilling secrets about the recipes, techniques, and of course, our love for all things beer. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Reveal!

Each brewer shares what went well (and not so well) and how they would rate the beer on a one to five-hop leaf scale. Whether you’re a brewing beginner or a malt maestro, there’s always something new to discover, taste, and toast to in every episode of The Epic Homebrew Reveal. So grab a beer and join the fun!

Featured in this episode: Captain Kurt – Homebrewer/Chief Beer Tripper, EpicBeerTrips.com Caleb Whitenack – Host/Brewer, Psych Doc Brewery Tessa Lowe – Co-Host/Beer Tripper, GirlsDrinkBeer

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The Recipes

Kurts Epic Dark Mild Recipe
Epic Kiwi Mild
Castle in England

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