Five Takeaways from a Beer Festival in Copenhagen

Interested in going to the Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen? Keep reading!

Greeting beer trippers, here’s a guest post from our friend Tessa Lowe of GirlsDrinkBeer about her recent experience at Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen.

…Copenhagen is a fantastic city so be sure to go explore. Eat the porridge, drink the beer, see the sites.

Be prepared for when tickets go on sale.

Mikkeller’s festival quickly sells out so get familiar with the refresh key! Tickets were sold on the Ticketmaster platform but it’s the Danish version (No, your U.S. account won’t work). Make sure you have Google Translate available on your browser and might want to have a second card handy in case it’s not accepted or just go straight for using Paypal.

Be aware of transportation limitations.

Uber and Lyft don’t operate in Denmark so be prepared to walk, use public transportation, or hail a cab (fairly readily available in populated areas of Copenhagen). It’s a clean and safe city so wear comfortable shoes and walk when you can. It will offset those extra beers and street dogs (seriously, don’t pass those up).


Don’t miss out on events happening before the festival.

We enjoyed tap takeovers from Ten Hands (Sweden), Great Notion (Portland, OR), and Omnipollo at Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade leading up the event. It was a fun opportunity to chat with the folks from the brewery. Trying Ominipollo in advance meant we didn’t need to wait in their long line at the festival.

American breweries are known abroad for their stouts.

Sure, IPAs too. But the most hype we heard was about the stouts. Specifically, 3 Sons Brewing (Dania Beach, FL) were pouring some beers that might soon be whale territory. 3 Monoliths was very well received.

Embrace the city!

Copenhagen is a fantastic city so be sure to go explore. Eat the porridge, drink the beer, see the sites. If you want to get your fill of lambics like Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen, head over to Himmeriget – their tap list is mind-blowing.

See more posts from Tess over on her Beer Instagram account: GirlsDrinkBeer

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