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Scottish Ale Episode

Epic Scottish Ale
Martin Keen @thehomebrewchallenge

Epic Naz Scottish Ale [US]
Kurt Sima @epicbeertrips_

Epic Naz Scottish Ale [UK]
Sean Flemming (Tartan Shark Brewing) @tartansharkbrewery

In this episode, we’ll explore the world of Scottish Ales and learn about three recipes created for homebrewers. Our special guests include Martin Keen from The HomeBrew Challenge, Sean Flemming from The Tartan Shark Brewery in Edinburgh, Captain Kurt from Epic Beer Trips, and host Tessa Lowe from GirlsDrinkBeer.

Every Homebrew Reveal from EpicBeerTrips.com includes brewing tips from master brewers, plus simple-to-use recipes for home brewers like you. You’ll also get some behind-the-scenes info from our Heart of Scotland Epic Beer Trip where we met Scottish rock legends, Nazareth. Pete Agnew and Tam Sinclair from the band joined us for a tasting event at the BrewDog Doghouse in Edinburgh. What an event!

00:00 Flashback from our 2022 Heart of Scotland Trip
00:17 Welcome with Captain Kurt
01:11 Meet the Brewers
08:38 Epic Scottish Heavy Ale – Martin Keen @The Homebrew Challenge
13:36 Epic Naz Scottish Ale [UK] – Epic Naz Scottish Ale [UK version] – Sean Flemming, Tartan Shark Brewery
19:47 Epic Naz Scottish Ale [US] – Epic Naz Scottish Ale [US version] – Kurt Sima, Epic Beer Trips

The Recipes

Epic Scottish Export Recipe

Brewer: Martin Keen, The Homebrew Challenge

For more information on brewing this awesome ale, check out The Homebrew Challenge: Brewing Scottish Ale Episode

Epic Naz UK

Brewer: Sean Fleming, Tartan Shark Brewery

More notes from the brewer:

Water profile in Edinburgh is pretty neutral and low in most minerals, so I usually bump up the calcium a bit in the mash to make sure it’s above the 25ppm mark.

Sussex hops is a variety similar to Goldings but just that bit “fruitier” that I have been using in British-style beers for the past couple of years, substitutions with Goldings, Fuggles, or maybe another modern British hop.  There’s not a huge amount of aroma coming from the hops, so the variety won’t be a bit issue.

A note on the fermentation: I use a Spunding valve to carbonate the beer, so it actually spends 6 of those 7 days fermenting under pressure.  Though the flavour will mostly have been set by the yeast in those first 24hrs, so even if you don’t follow the same procedure, you’re likely to end up with a similar profile.  Especially using something like Nottingham, which is a pretty clean fermenter anyway – especially at 20c.

Epic Naz Scottish Ale US

Brewer: Captain Kurt, Epic Beer Trips

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