Captain Kurt

Homebrew Reveal Scottish Ale

13 Oct: Epic Scottish Ales

In this episode, we’ll explore the world of Scottish Ales and learn about three recipes created for homebrewers. Our special guests include Martin Keen from The HomeBrew Challenge, Sean Flemming from The Tartan Shark Brewery in Edinburgh, Captain Kurt from Epic Beer Trips, and host Tessa Lowe from GirlsDrinkBeer.

Every Homebrew Reveal from includes brewing tips from master brewers, plus simple-to-use recipes for home brewers like you. You’ll also get some behind-the-scenes info from our Heart of Scotland Epic Beer Trip where we met Scottish rock legends, Nazareth. Pete Agnew and Tam Sinclair from the band joined us for a tasting event at the BrewDog Doghouse in Edinburgh. What an event!

Irish Ale YouTube

24 May: Epic Irish Ales

In this episode we’ll explore the world of Irish Ales and learn about three recipes created for homebrewers, plus we’ll get insight from BallyKilcavan Brewery in Ireland. Learn about a cranberry-infused Irish Ale called Epic Zombie (a tribute to the Cranberries) as well as a first wort technique used by Thomas Miller … and finally Caleb Whitenack from Psychdoc Brewery talks about his Epic Coffee Red Ale!