Epic Homebrew Reveal Stouts Episode

Epic Derry Oyster Stout Reveal
Captain Kurt @epicbeertrips_

Epic Gorilla Stout
Matt Daily @oilcreekbrewingco

Epic Bourbon Truffle Imperial Stout
Caleb Whitenack @psychdocbrewery

The Epic Homebrew Reveal is a fun way to learn about craft beer and homebrewing. In each episode, brewers—home brewers and commercial brewers—create and brew beers tied to a theme. After we brew, we get together to chat and share thoughts about the beer as well as the recipe. During the Reveal segment, we taste and rate the beers using a one to five-hop leaf scale.

Featured Guests:
• Captain Kurt, Epic Beer Trips – Epic Derry Oyster Stout (inspired by Walled City Brewery in Derry, Northern Ireland)
• Matt Daily, Oil Creek Brewing Company – Epic Gorilla Stout (aged in McGlaughlins Distillery Bourbon Barrel)
• Caleb Whiteback, Psych Dog Brewing – Epic Bourbon Truffle Imperial Stout (cocoa nibs & Tahitian vanilla beans adjunct)
• Tessa Lowe, GirlsDrinkBeer

*Bonus Recipe from Captain Kurt below: Epic Opa! Opa! Stout

00:00 Show Intro
00:56 Intro to Stouts Episode & Brewers
04:30 Captain Kurt’s Epic Derry Oyster Stout Reveal
10:30 Matt’s Epic Gorilla Stout Reveal
19:30 Caleb’s Epic Bourbon Truffle Imperial Stout
28:00 Beer Banter

The Recipes

Derry Oyster Stout recipe
Bourbon Truffle Stout Recipe
Opa Opa Stout Recipe
Our Agenda

Be a part of this fun and informative way to engage with fellow beer lovers. Each episode will feature a specific theme, and we’ll enlist the help of brewers—commercial brewers and homebrewers—from around the globe to brew an Epic version of the beer. After the brewing process is complete, we’ll share the beers and each recipe via the Epic Homebrew Reveal. Click the below to check out the EpicBeerTrips.com YouTube channel where we'll release new episodes. Smash the bell notification to subscribe!

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