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Traveling the globe, drinking beer and having fun!

We specialize in creating and hosting small group beer adventures to cool cities in Europe. Most trips are seven day/six nights. We drink local beers, visit local sites and laugh a lot.

Lodging, transportation at the destination, exclusive beer tastings and tours, tickets to events and some meals are included.

A minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 15 per trip. We believe the small group experience is best!

Your trip guide—also known as your Beer Tripper—will be in charge of your daily adventures. Our Beer Trippers share your passion for beer and have spent time hanging with the locals in the EBT destinations.

Yes and no. You could do something similar and save some money, but you would most likely miss out on some cool stuff. EBT offers a good travel value, providing all the standard travel necessities as well as many special events not available to independent travelers. Additionally, our Beer Trippers will take you to places and introduce you to people and beers that you might not find on your own.

If you are the type of person who likes researching and building trips and vacations—go for it! If not, let Epic Beer Trips do all the work for you. All you need to do is pack your bag and join the fun!

Balance is a good thing, and our itineraries offer a daily blend of noteworthy beer-related excursions and free time. Additionally, one day per trip is designated as a “free day”—you can use this day to create your own adventure (we provide day trip options if you need help).

Men and women who go on Epic Beer Trips love beer and drink responsibly. They enjoy the adventure of traveling to interesting destinations… and most of all, like to have fun! Epic Beer Trips are not intended to be a week-long bachelor or bachelorette party. If you are looking for a massive party trip, Epic beer Trips would not be a good match.

You can; however, this might not be the best way to spend your vacation time and money. Each day will include a beer related activity or activities, please keep this in mind as you are considering Epic Beer Trips as a vacation option.

We’ll use cabs, trains, trams, buses and private vehicles to get around; however, the best way to experience and explore is on foot. This being said, a fair amount of walking will take place each day—we’ll average around 5 miles a day. This might sound like a lot, but it is in the range of what travelers engage in when visiting Europe. If you have mobility issues, Epic Beer Trips might not be for you.

Daily itineraries are designed to blend activity and relaxation. There will be some early mornings and long days, but most days are relaxed and in general the trips are unhurried. You will definitely have time to pursue your own interests and explore a variety of eating and drinking places and visit local sites of interest.

Most of the breweries and taprooms we visit do not sell beer in the US. We guarantee you will discover beers you’ve never heard of or tasted.

Group travel is not for everyone, but beer groups are different. People on our trips are easy going and generally like-minded in most respects. This makes for a fun time. Plus, with different people ordering and tasting different beers and food, there is an opportunity to try more than you could on your own.

We are not a travel agency; we are a small group tour and trip operator that specializes in beer trips.

Our trip packages do not include airfare. With mileage programs, internet fares and countless fare sales, it is best to be a “free agent” when buying tickets in today’s market. We advise that you do not purchase tickets until the trip is confirmed—generally 90 days prior to departure.

Epic Beer Trips strongly advises purchasing travel insurance when visiting Europe to cover things beyond airfare. We’ll provide some preferred providers to enhance your ability to purchase a policy on your own.

Yes, but we advise that you do not purchase tickets until the trip is confirmed—generally 90 days prior to departure.

No. All Epic Beer Trip packages include lodging. EBT chooses 3- and 4-star accommodations that provide excellent quality, great locations and great value.

Our packages provide a price based on a single room (one person per room). We also provide a slightly lower price if you want to share a room; however, you should avoid sharing a room with someone you typically do not share a room with when you are not on an Epic Beer Trip. Nothing is worse than missing out on a good night’s sleep because your “roommate” snored the night away!

Yes, we encourage it. Adding a few days onto the beginning or end of the trip is a great way to combine our trip with independent travel. We can provide some trip extension recommendations.

For example: arriving a few days early or staying over a few days extra to play golf in Scotland is a fabulous way to enhance a trip across the pond!

Epic Beer Trips include a couple of meals per day as part of our adventures. Your trip itinerary will provide specific information related to meals. You’ll have the opportunity to break off from the group occasionally and discover fun places to dine.

Epic Beer Trips are 100% casual dress. Wear clothes that are easy to pack and comfortable. Speaking of comfort, you should bring shoes that are comfortable walking shoes.

We will provide instructions related to meeting at your destination airport or hotel based on your travel plans.

To hold your space and register for a trip, we require a $500 deposit and a signed contract. After we get a predetermined number of people registered for a trip (usually a minimum of 10 people), the trip will be confirmed, and you will be responsible for the balance of your trip payment. The final non-refundable payment is generally due 90-120 days prior to the start of the trip (you will receive clearance to book airfare once the trip is confirmed). Your initial deposit will be refunded if we do not have a minimum of ten (10) people signed up for a trip 90-120 days prior to the start of the trip.

Yes, it is best to have a passport when booking your reservation to avoid any issues that might arise if you do not have a valid passport for your trip.

This varies from person to person. Generally speaking, $50 a day should be more than enough. Lodging, transportation at the destination, beer tastings and tours, and many meals are included. You will be responsible for some meals (this varies by day). If you plan to drink or purchase additional beer beyond what is included in your trip and/or you plan shop a lot, you might spend more.

In general, exchanging cash or accessing cash from an ATM when you arrive in Europe are better options than doing so in the US before your trip. Doing this will help you avoid higher exchange rates and avoid exchanging too much currency. There are many bank ATMs available in the UK and Europe. We recommend getting some cash in the currency of the country you are visiting from your bank or your departure airport. Having 100£ on hand when you arrive in the UK is a good idea.   


Be sure to check the currency used in your destination country before departure.

Additionally, using a credit card during your stay is recommended so you don’t have to walk around with an excessive amount of cash. Visa is usually the best credit card option in Europe. For the most part, the cheapest way to pay for something will be to use your credit card directly. This method typically has the lowest conversion rate. Check with your credit card issuer before you leave for international fees.

Email Captain Kurt at kurt@epicbeertrips.com or call 740-405-2960.

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