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At Epic Beer Trips, we travel the globe, drink beer and have fun!

We specialize in hosting small group beer trips to cool cities in Europe and the US. Group sizes range from ten to fifteen beer lovers who like to travel and have fun! Trips include a blend of daily beer adventures plus time to explore and make discoveries on your own.


Captain Kurt created Epic Beer Trips (EBT) to combine three things he enjoys: traveling the globe, drinking beer and having fun! Kurt’s passions sent him to France, England, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and eventually to Scotland for an extended stay in the summer of 2019. During these trips, Kurt enjoyed the beauty of Scotland, and the other destinations in Europe. He also met some really cool people and savored many excellent craft beers! After much thought and a few beers, the idea was born to share all this goodness with others.

Join the fun on an Epic Beer Trip! Want to learn more?